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here. the real life spider-man started climbing the building at around 2:15 this afternoon. he's 54 years old and he goes by the nickname of "skyscraper man." he used suction cups to skate building while wearing what resembled a super hero costume without any net and with no wires attached. police did arrest him when he reached the top of the building. good bin has a long history of scaling skyscrapers. he climbed the sears tower, made it to the top of the world trade center's north tower in '83. his main goal is to expose security problemses in tall buildings like this one. >> well, four campaign appearances in one day. and finally, a campaign ad. airing on television. jerry brown's campaign is suddenly in full stride after a great deal of criticism he's been relying on name recognition and not enough pressing the
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flesh. traci grant is live in oakland. brown didn't have to worry whether this crowd was going to be a friendly one, tracy. >> no, he didn't. these people were very happy to see him. now, labor day is generally known as the start of the final push before the november election. but for jerry brown it seems more like the launch of his campaign. now, behind me are a lot of union representatives who were just happy to have him here in his hometown of oakland. >> jerry, jerry. >> candidate jerry brown was received warmly by supporters in fairfield today. >> the campaign's begun. we're working hard. >> brown finally released his first campaign ad over the weekend. >> i'm jerry brown, california needs major changes. >> the meg whitman campaign responded by saying after 40 years in politics protecting the status quo, it's no surprise he's kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic
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renovation of his own record. jerry brown is the last person we can trust for major change in sacramento. brown takes exception to her accusations what when he left the office, the state was flat broke flirting with bankruptcy. he says he was able to reduce taxes and create nearly 2 million jobs despite a recession. >> we're right at the right point to begin this campaign. when you've been advertising for a year, sometimes people stop listening and the fact that this race is so close tells me that they're not listening to the other side right now. so there's an openness to hear what i have to say. >> i think she should be telling more what she could do and not what others can't do. >> now, we spoke to meg whitman's representative and he said they're going to be changing the ads a little bit from here on. they're going to be emphasizing the things she has planned and what her skills are. and backing away a little bit
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from the negative ads. brown was asked today if he plans to go negative with his ads. at first he didn't really answer the question. when pressed he said that that's strategy and he leaves it up to his campaign workers but he wasn't going to say no right now. live in oakland, tracy granted, nbc bay area news. >> we've got six weeks left. thank you. for complete election coverage go to nbc bay and click on the prop zero link. brown will face off in a debate next month. tom brokaw will be the moderator of the debate. watch it live on october 12 here on nbc bay area and online at nbc bay >> talk about landing on his feet, weeks after leaving hp in disgrace, mark hurd has a new job and it's a good one. reporter scott bud mann is here with this news. it's not like he was struggling to pay his mortgage that he had to rush and get another job.
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>> this was much faster. this news confirmed to us by oracle which says it hire it had former ceo mark hurd as president of the company and has given him a seat on the board of directors. hurd who stepped down as ceo at hp last month after allegations of sexual harassment was found not to have violated hp's policy but voo i lated their code of business conduct by filing inaccurai inaccurate expense reports. he it will report to larry jaster elson who says in a statement hurd did "a brilliant job at hp and will do a better job at oracle." it is somewhat unusual for top executive who step down under these circumstances to bounce back so quickly but hurd and ellis son are known to be acquaintances. wouldn't be surprised to see hurd take a role in oracle's upcoming convention that comes to san francisco later this month. oracle says it's former president charles phillips
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resigned his position today making room for mark hurd. jessica, we'll see how the market reacts to the move come tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much. clean-up is wrapping up tonight in the petaluma river where a oil sheen was traced to an old tugboat being dismantled for salvage. the fire department says the smear was first reported near the marina at 8:00 this morning. the spill is estimated to be less than 600 gallons. state fish and game workers are on hand to monitor the operation and say that no wildlife has been harmed. the clean-up work will resume tomorrow morning. police in pittsburg spent their holiday watching a back hoe tear through a landfill as they searched for a possible fifth victim in an east bay killing spree. jodi hernandez is live in pittsburg with new information why police are not giving up on this site just yet. >> hercules police wouldn't get too specific but one investigator told me they have
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reason to believe there's "a good chance the missing man's body is at the landfill." still it, the dump isn't the only place investigators are searching. they're getting tips about other possibilities and they're following up on every one of them. investigators search for a missing hercules man took them to the backyard of a vacant house loc across the street from the home where they foundry car doe soles bludgeoned to death. >> the neighbors thought they saw something. >> it came in anonymous. we've got to follow up on that stuff. >> but the pittsburg landfill continues to be the focus of their search for 35-year-old frederick solace. they say the trash from a hercules business park where they found one of the victim's cars was taken to that landfill. that will same park is close to one of the murder scenes and the suspect used to work at that very business park. police speculate he may have
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disposed of the body in the dumpster. >> it's frustrating but we want to bring closure for the family. hopefully we'll find him alive. even if we find him deceased, then it gives closure to the family. >> neighbors too want answers. jerome says he is shot to hear the man who was shot and killed is linked to at least four killings including two women. >> why were those women killed too? we have so many questions to ask, and we're still waiting for answers up to now. >> they say they're afraid to leave their home till they know what happened to frederick solace and the rest of the victims and until police know for certain who's responsible for the killing spree. >> it's really very shocking. alarming. scary because up to now we don't
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have a piece of -- peace of mind till this case can be resolved. >> police have called off their search for the night. they still haven't found anything at the lad fill but plan to resume their search tomorrow. we are told they will continue the search of the dump for at least two more days. reporting live in pittsburg, i'm jodi hernandez. >> thank you. newark police identified a body found near the site after out of control hotel party. but they aren't saying how 26-year-old jewel yas hughes died. his body found behind a business here the hotel where police were called to break up a party last night. his body was found in bushes behind a business park near that hotel. police didn't know the party had been scheduled. >> what had happened was the officers learned that this party was happening, and while we were on scene investigating making sure it's properly permitted its is when the officers heard the
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shots being fired. >> police said the hotel did not have a permit for that party either. a frightening home invasion at pacifica has police today looking for two brazen and armed suspects. that happened at the 100 block of mckinney avenue before 10:00 last night. no one was hurt but the victims did tell police two men knocked at the front door. when they opened the door, the men forced their way in with guns. the victims say the gunman took some property from the home and fled in an unknown vehicle. >> this labor day has been a busy one for california law enforcement. it appears more people are drinking and driving. as of this morning, california officers had made more than 1300 arrests for driving under the influence. that's 98 more than last year at this time. fatalities, 12 people have died statewide. one of those deaths happened in the bay area. we have a live look as we check. the evening commute, this would be the coming home from a long weekend kind of journey and
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traffic moving very well in both directions right here at 80 near the oakland coliseum. now check out the golden gate bridge. you see the traffic going north across the bridge into marin moving very easily and just the hint of a little slowdown coming south only because people are paying the tolls. things moving well at those two locations tonight. people enjoyed beautiful weather but a big change in store. rob is here with more. >> that's right. you just noticed the bridge there. we didn't have any low clouds there. notice our temperatures still 70. san francisco towards oakland. a closer tour now, 76 san francisco, the seabreeze at 21. oakland 79 degrees from the upper 80s we saw earlier today. san jose hit 93 for a high. notice the wind spilling south from san francisco dropping san jose to 86. a warm evening if you're going to enjoy dinner plans outdoors.
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we've got clouds spinning into seattle dropping some rain across the pacific northwest. that is a trough that's going to head towards the bay area tomorrow and in some cases may drop afternoon highs by 20 degrees. we'll talk more about these big cooling changes in our forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you. still ahead, they're known on the street as magic mushrooms. researchers say the fungus may some day help cancer patients. >> on this labor day, the new report on unemployment showing which age group has been hit the hardest in california during the recession. >> two disturbing attacks on women lead to fierce of a copycat crime. >> how is this for a drive-in movie theater? it's a project blending art, technology and destroyed cars. we'll take you behind theces at tnehesce at the upcoming '01 festival coming up [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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but what were the results?
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fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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local technology is inspiring very unusual art. the zero one festival, the answer to burning man is about to kick off. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott lud mann got a look at some of what you'll be gawking at next week. >> this is how it starts. >> it is a drive-in movie theater made out of wrecked cars. >> san jose's zero 1 festival, part wrecking yard, part construction site. >> cool, huh. >> part hi-tech artists colony. >> looks like as soon as the pedals move the wings are going to come up. >> if people want to watch a mean, they'll be able to get into one of the cars, turn on the stereo, have the sound come up and watch on the big screen. >> even in its early stages, able to draw a crowd of admirers. >> i think the cars are going to be really cool.
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>> it's kind of examining how technology can be relevant one day and not the next. >> you go to a museum you normally see art in frames. and paintings and stuff like that. and this, it's a little more hands-on 3-d. and i really like it. >> a mix of art and technology that could be a trojan horse or a wetland downtown. >> part of the point is especially in silicon valley that people, a lot of people are building things in their backyard and decks and basements and their garages. >> so they opened an 80,000 square foot garage to let artists show off. >> the key is that a lot of artists are working with technology. these aren't just things that are little lights and computers. it's thinking about the role that technology plays in society and how it can be used to connect people and not just distance people. >> giving people a chance to connect with each other and without of this world creations.
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scott bud mann, nbc bay area news. >> the 01 festival kicks off in san jose on the 16th. you can visit the artists anytime you want just behind the san jose convention center. >> take another look before you walk in front of a mewny bus or train. the agency has seen a huge increase in collisions and failed to meet stated safety goals. in the fourth quarter of the fourth fiscal year, they were involved in zens at a rate of six times for every 100,000 miles. that's a 6% increase from the prious quarter and 27% compared with the same fourth quarter last year. every quarter counts even on holidays. we're talking about change here. the city is enforcing meeters today because of a tight budget. the san francisco municipal transportation authority spokesperson says making extra money off the meters especially parking tickets means less cuts that impact the public. a ticket could cost you as much
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as $65. the only holidays which will be observed for parking meters are thanksgiving, christmas day, and new year's day. thon labor day holiday, there were many streets closed around san francisco. so it could host the annual tradition, the metro san francisco bicycle race. it is san francisco's biggest bike race, the 35th year san francisco has host this had race. the annual race tracts world class cyclists from around the world. originally known as the san francisco grand prix, it's now sfloen known at il jiro which means the tour in italian. >> it was a labor of love for one family this holiday. shaun and shah von case welcomed their baby boy max in walnut creek, born at 2:05 this morning weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces and sporting just a little which is.of hair. >> the last month of pregnancy
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is typically miserable. you get to a point where you definitely want to have this baby as soon as possible. >> congratulations. what a good-looking baby. >> very cute. >> i'll say. the good old days into it will be a celebration every year during his birthday. isn't that wonderful? >> let's turn things over to rob. a celebration every time we see you, rob. >> as long as i bring cooler weather. maybe a lot of folks trying to keep cool around the bay area. 84 around san francisco. oakland 86 degrees. look at san jose. 93 out towards livermore and concord, these temperatures pretty typical this time of year. 90s around san rafael. 73 santa cruz. and eventually low clouds move up the coast overnight. dil roy 91 and our friends in the valley reporting 91 degrees for a high today.
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santa cruz, 6 degrees now down to 76 in san francisco as the ocean air conditioning slowly turns on. the fan is running in san jose. we don't have the coolant loaded in the low clouds that should appear on the coast. 76 in san francisco where we will eventually see some low clouds tonight. northwest wind at 21. oakland 79 degrees, wind at 13 miles per hour. dry outside today but our humidity levels should start to come up as the seabreeze starts to kick back in. low clouds return to the coast tomorrow going from the 90s to many spots in the 70s. if we don't do it tuesday, certainly by wednesday. a big-time drop in the temperatures as we head towards the middle part of the week and we could see drizzle in spots. as the breeze comes back, air quality just fine tomorrow. for the morning, coastal fog, 50s and 60s outside. afternoon temperatures you can
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see our inland spots, 70s and 80s. that is a 15 to 20 degree drop in high temperatures in 24 hours time. down right cool once again on the coast. i want to give you a sneak preview of something we're tracking. a pretty strong trough dropping down the coast will not only bring cooling but may bring a chance of rain in parts of northern california. believe it or not come wednesday. we'll have a closer look at this and the forecast in our next half hour. >> still ahead at 6:00, we'll take you to the college where students are bringing along something from home that has four legs. >> a confession bjorn van der sloot. what he says did he to the family of natalee holloway. >> some dramatic pictures as a r . residential ighborhood.
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the 20-year-old union city man investigators say admitted shooting a fremont police officer last week will be arraigned in a courtroom
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tomorrow. he is charged with ten felonies including attempted murder for shooting the officer ten days ago. young was shot twice in the pelvis and is still in serious but stable condition. the man was arrested the next day in san diego county a quarter mile from the mexican border and now being held in oakland. two disturbing attacks, one in arizona and another in washington have investigators wondering if they're dealing with a copycat crime. for the second time in less than a week, a woman has been attacked with acid. in both cases the victim didn't know her attacker. miguel almaguer reports. >> she just looked at me with these eyes as if she was saying something. >> from her hospital bed, she recalls the horrifying moment when she was ambushed and when the acid hit her face. >> but it immediately started to just burn. >> the 41-year-old mother says she was just outside her home in
6:24 pm
mesa, arizona, when a woman approached her in her apartment building's parking lot and flung acid at her face. she said her attacker never said a word. >> i just kept screaming. call 911. >> the attack is eerily similar to another in vancouver, washington, just days before. >> i could hear it sizzling. once it hit me, i could hear it bubbling and sizzling. >> bathe nil had been on her way to starbucks when a woman assaulted her. saying hey, pretty girl, would you like to drink this. while throwing a cupful of acid into her face. >> if i saw her, i would instantly know. i would know right away. >> neither knew her assailant and no arrests have been made. but in the arizona case, investigators say they think valardi's attacker single payered her out specifically. >> it appears it's not a random act that there's someone who was waiting there for her to specifically attack her.
6:25 pm
>> i can't see myself like i could see before into former british model katie piper was raped and doused with acid that left her disfigured and blind in one eye. she has spoken out about her ordeal. >> within split seconds the pain was so phenomenal i knew it was a substance as strong as something like acid. >> a horrific form of attack, perhaps even more disturbing because in both recent cases neither woman has any clue why she was targeted. >> sometime, i'm going to forgive her. >> it could have been so much worse. it could have been so much worse. i'm lucky. >> against the odds, they say they're determined to recover from their painful attacks and move on with their lives. >> miguel almaguer, los angeles. so bizarre. we should tell you bethany storo who was injured in the first attack was released from the hospital yesterday but has a long recovery. police say they are amazed
6:26 pm
that know one on the ground was killed when a small plane crashed into a residential area just south of las vegas. one of the four people on board was killed. the others badly injured. the plane went down about 30 feet from a house in henderson, nevada, striking several cars. witnesses say the plane lost power. and it appeared the pilot tried to land on the street. neighbors put out the plane's fire and pulled two of the victims from the wreckage. >> still ahead, the benefits at psychedelic mushrooms could hold for cancer patients. a new study is fascinating. >> are fire flies flickering out? why scientists are concerned about the insects. >> and part of the gulf coast braces for a potential hurricane tonight. >> planes, trains and automobiles. the president unveils his new plan to boost the economy and create jobs. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance
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no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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well, on this labor day,
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many, many people continue to feel the unemployment blues. the california budget project released new numbers. unemployment is now at 12.2%, that's down a tenth of a percent. nearly a million californians have been out of work for more than half a year. one of the groups suffering the most, young people between 16 and 24 years old. >> and to use a football analogy, since football season is almost here, it's getting back all of the jobs we've lost during the recession were like scoring a touch down, we're still 95 yards away from reaching the end zone. >> the report emphasizes the need for smart policy making at federal and state levels. george kitayama is live in san jose where labor day celebrations more somber than typical. >> that's right. i can smell the hot dogs here in san jose. a lot of families celebrating this lol day. it didn't take long to find
6:30 pm
someone who is out of work and who sees this holiday a little bit differently. >> fill the cooler, cook the hot dogs. . this labor day holiday picnic is all about the family. and helping out those ho are struggling to make ends meet. >> it's been difficult. especially trying to find a job that pays you a living wage. >> david has been unemployed for more than a year laid off by a chemical manufacturing company in fremont, a place where he worked for 11 years. he's been looking for a new job. >> it's pretty tough. especially if you try and stay in the bay area. you can't just take any jobs. need to take something more or less than what you used to make. it's tough realizing that nowadays companies aren't paying that much. >> he has had to dip into his 402 k to make his house payment and worries about taking care of his wife and children every day. >> i worry about health care.
6:31 pm
you know. i worry about my kids getting sick and not having help. >> he is thinking about starring his own business or going back to school. for now on this holiday, he's thankful for having a family that supports him during these tough times. >> we always get together whether i'm employed or unemployed. it's great being out here with the family on this labor day i guess. >> back here live, this is david's family right here. a lot of kids out here, a lot of adults. he said some of his relatives are living with his family so he can keep his home instead of selling it. george kitayama, bay area news. >> we wish him the best. unemployment has president obama pitching a new plan to create jobs. today the president on labor day proposed a $50 billion plan to fix roads, rail lines, and airport runways. vicky nguyen has more on the president's plans.
6:32 pm
>> no rest for president obama on this labor day as he rolled out his latest economic plan. the president's proposal would rebuild 150,000 miles of roads and highways and construct and maintain 4,000 miles of railway lines. it would also repair or rebuild 150 miles of airport runways and upgrade nation's air traffic control system. >> i am going to keep fighting every single payer day, every ingle hour, every single payer minute to turn this economy around and put people back to work and renew the american dream. >> today's announcement is the first in a week long push on the economy and job creation. democrats are hoping the proposals will improve their fate into the november elections. republicans say the country doesn't need more stimulus spending. the president all but dared republicans to vote no on his plan. >> yes we can. remember that was our slow dan? their slogan is no, we can't.
6:33 pm
nope. know, no. >> at labor day events across the country, candidates in the upcoming congressional races were reaching out for votes. this election year isn't looking good for incumbents. and the tune has changed dramatically for democrats who were riding high just two years ago. unemployment edged up 9.6% last month and the recovery is dragging. summer may be slipping away but the uncertainty is not. and as election season approaches voters are demanding much more than promises from washington. vicky nguyen, bay area news. >> on wednesday the president is expected to call for a permanent tax credit for businesses that develop new technologies here at home and preserve american jobs. a hurricane watch is in effect along the coasts of mexico and texas tonight as tropical store hermine picks up steam. people in texas stocked up on sandbags today and braced for lepoibshsslaoo f flding. at this point no evacuations
6:34 pm
have been ordered. let's get the latest or hermine's path. >> we' s llti talking about tropical storm hermine, winds at 65 miles per hour. we're probably an hour or two away from the storm making landfall just south of brownsville, texas. it's got a lot of moisture to work with. a storm nearly the size of texas crossing just south of the texas/mexico border. moving northwest at 14 now. if it were to speed up sustained winds to 75 miles per hour just before landfall, it's possible we could be seeing a hurricane just as it moves inland. the path of the storm of, it's going to weaken rapidly. unfortunately, all that moisture you saw on the satellite loop is going to dump into south central texas. we could see ten inches of rain in some spots as the potential for flooding across texas in the next day or two. >> thank you, rob. let's talk about health news now. medical experts in the uk have concluded that the diabetes pill
6:35 pm
avandia does increase the risk of heart attack. the medicine was licensed to treat diabetes in the uk. now british drug regulators say it should have never been approved and does increase the chance of heart attack and should be taken off the market immediately. the european medicine agency approved the pill inll 2000 sayg it helped lower blood sugar levels. magic mushrooms got a bad wrap in the '60s. researchers say they can them terminally ill cancer patients cope with the disease. it helps improve moods, lessen anxiety and reduce depression. the research at the ucla smed center was a pilot study on 12 patients. researchers hope to help some suffering during the patients' last days. >> officials say joran van der sloot has confessed to extorting money from natalee holloway's family. he is charged with the recent
6:36 pm
murder of a peruvian woman and long been the suspect in the murder of natalee holloway. he says he took the money in exchange for revealing the location of hadder body. her remains have not been found. she was last seen alive with him in 2005 at a caribbean resort. just in time, tomorrow for tomorrow's 70th industry of the start of the london blitz, no film of the attack has surfaced and they're in color. during world war ii when the german luftwaffe launched a campaign of bombing to demoralize the british people it was called the blitz. the new film was found in the attic by the family of an air grade warden who shot it with new equipment documenting the eight-month long siege showing oxford street, makeshift who thes, even an appearance by winston churchill. the film has been digitized and posted online. >> what a historical find to be able to see. still ahead, it could be the
6:37 pm
finishiest class of freshman ever. coming up at college where man's best friend has a special place on campus. >> does money really equal happiness? surprising research just ahead. >> things are still kind of toasty around parts of the bay area. our temperatures for you this evening, 90s around concord and livermore. 76 san francisco. 86 in san jose. ow.peratures dropping a lotrr details in morrowou. details in your forecast coming up. r [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody?
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they do appear magical, but it seems that fire flies around the world may be burning out. scientists are seeing fewer and fewer of the luminous bugs. the climbing number sparked a network of watch volunteers. some 700 people across the nation in four countries are tracking and counting the lightening bugs and also recording their colors and flash patterns. scientists suspect that urban sprawl is destroying habitat and that street lights may be
6:40 pm
interfering with their self-illuminated mating rituals. it is sponsored by the boston museum of scientists. can money really buy happiness? now researchers say yes up to a point. princeton researchers today say happiness does get better as income rises. the euphoria levels off at about $70,000. on the other hand, a person's overall sense of success continues to rise as earnings grow beyond that point. the researchers say someone who moves from a $100,000 a year to paying double that amount feels more successful. that doesn't necessarily mean they're happier. george clooney's hit man thriller "the american" is the box office winner for the labor day holiday weekend. >> goodness. american brought in a moderate $16 million. labor day weekend is typically slower for theaters marking the
6:41 pm
end of the summer blockbuster season and a time when students are thinking about going back to school. the b movie parody machete and the thriller takers are fighting it out for second place. >> i saw the american last night. it's up in the air in italian. i give it a thumbs down. i'm no sis cal and ebert. >> coming up with sports in just a minute. here's a live look at san francisco. the seabreeze is back. where are the low clouds? that leads to be-tig cooling for the bay area. big changes coming up. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola.
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part of the next generation of does.
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going away to college usually means leaving all the comforts of home. what if you could bring some of it with you like maybe your best friend? >> that would be nice. john yang takes us to a small college in missouri that allows students to do just that. >> meet members of stephen's class of 2014. >> so what's your major. >> some are a little stand offish. >> camera shy are we? >> actually, they're not students. their owners are. >> this is chester. this is corey. >> this one college has allowed pets on campus since 2004. around here, bags aren't always for books. seriescy hall is the school's first dorm entirely populated by
6:44 pm
more than 40 students and pets. pet central. there's a kennel in the basement complete with a doggie sport. >> standard equipment in this dorm, a lint roller. pressure man megan mcgill is away from her family for the first time. >> what does it mean to have him here with you at college? >> he's like a piece of home. >> nicole crowe is her foster parent while he waits to be adopted from a local shelter. nicole is a transfer student from iowa state university. >> did you have a pet there? >> no, i had a roommate. >> which do you prefer? >> the pet. nothing against the roommate. >> classrooms are pet free zones. when it's class time for the students, their pets can come to doggy daycare. know of any good parties this weekend. stevens promotes hits pet friendly policies in marketing. diane lynch who has three dogs and two cats says there's more
6:45 pm
to it than that. >> we find that students who bring their dogs or cats or rabbits to campus are among our most responsible students. >> part of is time management, part is responsibility. and part of it is is having somebody to come home to at night who loves you no matter what. >> for freshmen such as kimberly, the most important thing was that first night in the dorm. >> you realize you're away from home and this is it. daisy was laying right next to me and cuddling with me. i was like it's going to be okay. i got her. >> and that's a nice feeling for anybody. >> time for your close-up, daisy. >> john yang, columbia, missouri. >> that is cute. >> i was thinking that would make you a whole lot less home sick. >> ten years from now when they go to college, they better take the dog with them. >> just don't send the pits to classes. >> we had 90s for more than half
6:46 pm
of the area. look at that, san jose 93. 84 san francisco. now the seabreeze starting to pick up. 8 oakland. santa cruz 73. trivalley soaring to the mid-90s. right now, san francisco, we got the seabreeze going. we still are waiting for the low clouds to come back at this hour right off the monterrey bay and should move northward an on the coast tonight. 77 degrees around the embarcardero right now. san jose t-shirt weather for the last few hours of labor day weekend. northwest wind at 15. the seabreeze is starting to pick up. this is going to lead so-to-real wholesale changes in our weather over the next 48 hours as the fog sets up. the coolant for the ocean air conditioning. inland spots 70s and 80s. that is a big time drop in temperatures. by wednesday, the system up on the north coast starts to drop
6:47 pm
down. may see drizzle in parts of the bay area. for tomorrow, air quality looks just fine. it's good all around the bay area. no signs -- temperatures drop and the breeze starts to pick up. again, we still have high pressure over most of california and the lower half of the west coast. but the changes that are going to impact us happening to the north. the system dropping down on us as we head into tomorrow and wednesday. low clouds approaching the coast will lead to that ocean air conditioning effect. as the system starts to drop in on us it encourages stronger seabreeze tomorrow. you'll see cooling tomorrow with 70s and 80s still inland. by wednesday, we'll see temperatures drown down more. 60s and 70s for high. we may see just enough moisture with the low clouds to give us drizzle for the morning along the coast, maybe the peninsula as well for your wednesday morning commute. inland highs low 70s, maybe at
6:48 pm
best. come wednesday. 90s today jumping way down into the low 70s by midweek. tonight, we'll see temperatures in the 50s. though maybe some 60s around the hilltops. tomorrow afternoon, the temperatures really dropping. especially inland. we'll see the numbers mainly in the 80s further inland. upper 70s around san jose. that's quite the change from today. when we hit 93 degrees. the fog and gray sunshine comes back. 62 around half moon bay. inland towards the delta and solano, some 80s out there. north bay, highs return together 70s as we cool down for the middle part of the week. temperatures rebounding a little bit towards next weekend. that is starting to look more like football area. >> just rhythm. all right. thank you very much. hey, the giants could be tied for first. >> do you all have the stomachs for this? >> this is a pepto-bismol type season for the giants.
6:49 pm
it's been amazing to watch. early this season, we noticed something special about the team. there was a genuine like for each other. this doesn't usually happen in any workplace especially on a baseball team filled with multimillionaires. it happens here. we all like each other, right? rob? no, we love rob. >> he makes too much money. >> giants continuing to grab national headlines. madison bum gartner the hero today mattbaum pitched just looked real sharp. pitchers dual was fantastic. here we will go. scoreless in the top of the ninth inning. gerardo parra, watch the sweet catch there. busty posey would have had the game-winning rbi. he had a runner on third but was stranded. top of the 11 inning, anita schierholtz early in the game, he was picked off at first base but redeems himself. the game-winning two-run two-out triple. a stand-up triple at that.
6:50 pm
hough and posey score. giants beat the diamondbacks. there's the final out of the game. brian wilson matching his career high with 41 saves. the giants quick little becoming the most compelling team in baseball now trail the phillies by just one game in that will wildcard race and if the padres lose tonight, the giants will be tied for first place in the division. 24 games remaining in this season. all the giants happiness but there was a sobering sequence in today's game. busty posey, be alert when you're at a ball game. busty posey loses his bat. she is things happen occasionally. it hits a 13-year-old boy in the stands. the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital. the good news is though he gives a thumbs up as he left the game on a stretcher. here's that shot there. there was also a 2 1/2-year-old girl taken to the same hospital after being hit by a foul ball. from what we're hearing right
6:51 pm
now, both are okay. they were taken to the hospital for recautionary reasons. the a's this afternoon at the coliseum, nice way to spend labor day. the unofficial last day of summer. is that how we say it? a's and mariners? bottom of the first inning. how's this to start off? coco crisp with the leadoff home run, the a's had a quick 1-zip lead. as for the pitching, brett anderson got a standing ovation as he left the game. he pitched into the eighth inning, allowed two runs. a's beat the mariners 6-2. sprying turn of events late this afternoon at 49ers headquarters. you get in mike singletary's doghouse and bad things happen. with that said, the 49ers have cut anita davis. many people thought he was the quarterback of the future. mike single payer taerl blasted him a couple weeks ago saying he lacked the work ethic in the offseason. who comes in?
6:52 pm
how about this guy, the 49ers new quarterback, a former heisman trophy winner. remember troy smith, won it back in 2006? and helped lead the ohio state buckeyes to the national championship? smith was just cut over the weekend by the ravens. so the 49ers scooped him up. troy smith might be the most famous third string quarterback in the nfl right now. all sorts of things happening on this holiday. not just the skyscraper guy but legal sanctioned events. take a look. >> we love this thing. what did we mention earlier? san francisco's biggest bike race? >> el giro. used to have an english name but that's so boring. >> that doesn't sound. >> boring. the city is hosting this race. greg la montwon this many moons ago. today's race sergio hernandez.
6:53 pm
>> it was pretty cool. i'm from so-cal. i've never been up in the san francisco area. i have a lot of friends up here. my teammate. it's exciting to win up here. it's my second weekend in a row. so it's a good feeling. >> i like the race a lot because the course is very small so you get to see more of it. you don't have to wait too long before the race comes back around. exciting to see the variety of people that are out racing today. >> nice. right up battery street. finally tonight, there was a chance tiger woods would be bumped as the world's top ranked golfer. ain't happening. today the final round of the deutsche banc championship near boston with the poor finish tiger would have over, would have been overtaken by mikkelson but he finished tied for 11th. the winner though, have you ever heard of a guy named charlie huffman? i sure haven't. >> but charlie huffman, 1 1
6:54 pm
birdies. 9 under 62. can you guess where he's from? >> san diego. >> same thing. >> beaches in both places. >> i'm generalizing everyone right now. back with the perfume fit forwh the red carpet in a moment. advantage topical solution treats dogs...
6:55 pm
( barking ) but destroys fleas. e, t y a ou for advaage,nt the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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6:57 pm
finally tonight, have you ever wanted to smell like a celebrity on the red carpet? that would depend on the celebrity i'm sure. but anyway, the british tabloid the sun has made it possible with a new perfume called buzz. the perfume's creator says it's meant to capture the ses sense of pure entertainment which means citrus fruit, berg ga month, ylang-ylang with jasmine, and sandalwood to create that special feel. harrods department store is selling it for about $90 a bottle. >> i think we were at a wine bar the way you were describing that thing. >> someone will actually buy that. >> i did a bottle of evening on 22 fillmore. $75. >> are you offering that on ebay? >> put it on ebay. i'll give you $80. adds qqsp'd
6:58 pm
clinics use truth in advertising. and one viewer shared her
6:59 pm
painful story. have you ever had an abortion? i have. and regret having the abortion every day of my life. i wish had i gotten all the information. thanks for your thoughts. join us online at nbc

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